Sojourn at AVIDIPTA Sarodotsav

Durga Puja, in the modern world, stands for much more than it used to in the centuries gone by. It has transcended the traditional religious milieu from which it was born and has transformed into a festival of rejuvenation and recreation – a means of setting aside the monotonies of daily life and creating a carnivals spirit that unites people from every echelon of society. It is celebrated all over the world as the symbolic action of vanquishing all evil and establishing peace and harmony.


The greatest charm of our city life perhaps lies in its variety – in our ability to meet and establish relationships with people of different faiths, beliefs, professions and ideologies. It is in such pleasing interactions with others that we can find reprieve from the monotony of our urban schedules. Hence, at all junctures of worldly life, we must aspire to create common windows to share our joys and worries, our knowledge, enthusiasm and thoughts. To uphold this spirit, we are organising all pujas and other festivals in our residential complex to create a social chemistry.


This year we, the Avidiptans, are going to organise our 3rd Durga Puja involving more than 350 families with same enthusiasm as the last two years. I request all to join us in the festive days to share joy and happiness together with religious fervor and gaiety!


We expect assistance in all possible ways from our well-wishers and cordially invite them to participate in the Durga Puja and all year round festivals & other events of 2019-20.


Dr. Mahua Ghosh
Joint President
Avidipta HIG Puja Committee, 2019