Invitations, Communications and Approvals

  • Our president and secretary attended the conference organized by WB Govt presided in Netaji Indoor Stadium presided by our honorable CM, Ms. Mamata Banerjee followed by local meetings arranged by Kolkata Police for Do’s and Dont’s
  • Subsequently our puja committee had been invited to take part in the mega rally on September 1st, organized by WB govt to express gratitude to UNESCO for the inscription of Durga Puja on its list of intangible cultural heritage last year
  • Invitation to inaugurate our puja on 30th September has been sent out to Swami Shivadananda Maharaj, Treasurer of Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Golpark
  • We have received combined NOC to perform puja in our premises from Kolkata Police and other authorities like Kolkata Municipal Corporation, Pollution Control Board, Fire Department etc. through AASAAN-ID: ASN-DP-2022-004849. Special electricity meter connection for puja purpose was provided by CESC.

ASN-DP-2022-004849 No Objection Certificate