Printing and Web – Page (PAW)

Committee Responsibility

  • Design and develop the web site and host content
  • Print souvenir

Committee Members

  • Mr. Abhik Sengupta – Convener
  • Mr. Apurba Naskar – Convener
  • Mr. Lutfal Hoque
  • Mr. Ramesh Potla
  • Mr. Sudip Nandy
  • Mr. Pranabendu Bhattacharya
  • Mr. Avik Sarkar

Solution Guidelines

  • Develop in such a way that users are empowered to upload and edit content on an ongoing basis without needing changes at code level
  • Allow for textual as well as graphical content to be uploaded
  • Select implementation technology that resources available through personal connections of some PAW members are familiar with and can be developed quickly in
  • Be ready to re – implement using other technology in future versions if technology is later on found not suited to our needs

Key Event and Dates

  • Kick – off: [To be Updated]
  • Design: [To be Updated]
  • Implementation: [To be Updated]
  • Deployment: Week of August 27 and September 3
  • Wave 1 First Content Request: [To be Updated]
  • Wave 1 content acquisition: Week of September 10
  • Wave 1 content uploading: Between September 14 to September 18, Monday before Mahalaya
  • Wave 2 First Content Request for Creative Writing: [To be Updated]
  • Wave 2 content selection and editing:
  • Wave 2 content upload

Broad Structure of Site

  • Content grouped into following areas
    • Home
      • About Avidipta
      • Invitations, Communications, Statutory Approval
      • Awards and External Competition
    • Committee
      • Cross Committee
      • Puja Rituals
      • Pandal, Lighting, Protima
      • Cultural
      • Food
      • Subscription and Sponsorship
      • Printing & Web
      • Souvenir
    • Creative Corner
      • Young Minds
      • Senior Section
    • Photo Gallery


  • Development: Nil – developed by resources made available by individual owner
  • Deployment Cost: Plan to deploy on server resource made available by a PAW member
  • Maintenance: May have cost implications
  • Souvenir Printing cost: [To be filled up]