Come One, Come All – Devotees, Friends & EnthusiastsThe Festive season in India is ahead and we are all elated. MaaDurga, the Goddess of Power, is about to make Her descent from the hills of Kailash; BholaMaheswar, has, at last, given His
consent to His dear Parvati. Accompanied by Her four children, Ganesh, Lakshmi, Saraswati and Kartick, MaaDurga is coming down to Mother Earth, Her parental home. Her short stay for merely five days is heralded by the clear blue sky, occasionally punctuated with meandering clouds, the swirl of kaash flower, the aroma of shiuli and the eye-catching clusters of palash. MaaDurga, bedecked in Her Majestic apparel, kills Asura, the manifestation of evil. It is Her victory – the victory of Good over Evil.